Security Audit and Security Assessment

Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd provides you consultants for your business security audit. Our team of experts will tell you about the advantages and loopholes in your security infrastructure. After a brief physical security assessment of your business our experts conduct a comprehensive audit report of your business security.
With the help of our audit report you can improve your security and avoid any future incidents. In addition our experts will form a brief strategy for your business security which enables your business affairs to run smoothly..

Business Operations Continuity

In the global pandemic era Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt).Ltd allows your business to work continuously and operate with the same flow.
Our security guards will protect  your employees and business from any internal or external crisis.
Our security guards make sure that the employees follow all standard operational procedures (SOPs) to avoid any viral viruses or spread of amid COVID-19.
We provide security for your people and assets, crisis management experts, and management for travel risk.

Management of Labor disputes

Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd will provide you counselors which help your business to solve the labor disputes. Our professional counselors will counsel your employees and labor to help them solve any dispute occurring between them and the top management.