Armed & unarmed security guards

We ensure that your premises, people and assets are secured
Our selection process is intensive; starting from detailed background checks when it comes to hiring the best security guards for you. After the selection & screening process, our security guards take proper training and are molded to take keen-eyed care of clients’ security needs
Armed with the latest foreign made weapons, further assures that client’s premises and assets are protected in the best way possible.
Security guards are armed with the latest semi automatic 12-bore rifles, 7mm rifles, 9mm Glocks or Berettas and MP5 guns.
When it comes to dealing with any kind of risk, Veteran Security & Protection guards can make all the difference.
VSP (Pvt) Ltd effectively designs customized solutions for each client, whether its static armed security guards or lady searchers, from watchmen to traffic controllers we deliver all!

Security personnel's of Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd
Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd security guard with handling foreign made gun performing security duty outside a client's premises

Mobile Patrolling

When and Where you need them most
At Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd, we understand that the safety and security of your building, office or warehouse is of utmost importance to you. That’s why we offer mobile patrol units that are available when and where you need them the most. We believe in providing a comprehensive security solution that is tailored to your specific needs. If you need to protect your building, office or warehouse you can always depend on our mobile patrol units.
Our mobile patrol units can provide security services to a variety of businesses, including office buildings, shopping malls, private entities, and more. We offer flexible and customizable security packages that can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements.
Our mobile patrol units can also provide regular patrols of your property, including regular checks of entry and exit points, as well as other key areas. This can help to deter potential criminal activity and ensure that your property is protected 24/7.

Executive protection & Close protection services

At Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd, we are committed to providing the highest level of security and protection to our clients, executives like business men, celebrities, commercial clients and diplomats.. Our security plans for executives include the services of highly trained and equipped bodyguards and personal security escorts who are SSGs (Special Services Group), commandos retired from the Pakistan Army that are specially trained for security to protect executives and businessmans. These professional military experts have years of experience in providing security in high-risk situations and are trained to respond quickly and effectively to any potential threat. Our SSGs are always on site and ready to go at a moment’s notice to ensure the safety and security of our clients. They are equipped with the latest security equipment and technology to ensure our client’s safety and security.

A close protection officer performing its duty.
Security officer standing in front of a client's vehicle

Event Security & Bouncers

At Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd, we take pride in providing the best security services for your public events and gatherings. We understand that public events can be a potential target for unwanted and unforeseen activities, which is why we offer bouncers & lady searchers that are trained to handle any situation.
Our bouncers are trained with martial arts to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle any kind of unusual activity. They are experts in crowd management and are trained to handle large crowds with ease. Our bouncers undergo rigorous training to ensure that they are always ready to respond to any potential threat.
We believe in providing a comprehensive security solution for your public events and gatherings that is why we provide the best lady searchers to cover your event’s security. Our lady searchers work closely with event organizers to develop a customized security plan that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each event.

Airport Security

At Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd, we are committed to providing the highest level of security and protection to our clients. Our airport screening security solutions are designed to ensure the safety and security of passengers and air cargo. We believe that security is a collaborative effort, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that our screening services are aligned with their unique security requirements.
Our security guards have extensive experience in screening passengers and air cargo, and they are well-trained in the use of modern screening devices. We believe in providing our clients with the most effective and result-oriented screening services available. The security officials are trained to identify potential threats and respond to them quickly and effectively.
We understand that every airport has unique security requirements, which is why we offer customized security solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each airport. 
Our team is available 24/7 to provide support and assistance, ensuring that our clients always have access to the resources they need to stay safe and secure.

Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd security guards performing security duties at entry point of an office door
Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd, security guards planing security protocols out side a office

Loss prevention

Our loss prevention services include creating a comprehensive prevention plan that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. We work closely with our clients to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop a plan to mitigate them. Our experts use a range of techniques to identify and prevent internal loss, including inventory tracking, employee training, and internal auditing.
We believe in a proactive approach to loss prevention, which is why we provide training services to your internal staff and employees. We understand that a lack of management and training can lead to internal loss and fraud, which is why we offer customized training programs to help prevent it. Our training programs are designed to educate your employees on the importance of loss prevention and provide them with the tools they need to prevent it. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide support and assistance, ensuring that our clients always have access to the resources they need to stay safe and secure.

Fire Prevention Solutions

Here at M/s Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd we provide the best fire prevention solutions for your premises. We assist you in preventing fire incidents.
Our professional staff will tell you about the proper places to put fire extinguishers to use in hours of need and will train your staff on how to use them effectively.
Our fire products includes:

  • Portable Extinguishers
  • Fire Hoses
  • Fire Hose Racks & Monitors
  • Detection and Control
  • Hazardous Spill Agents & Applicators
  • Air Purifying Respirators
  • UL Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems
  • Explosion Suppression Systems
  • VESDA Early Warning Systems
A security guard making sure to have all the inventory in fire department.
A focused security guard doing his security duty in front of a famous food chain.

Inventory Management Solution

Our inventory management system is supported by our nationwide wireless communication network, which allows us to deploy a security professional/inventory storekeeper at your site. This individual is responsible for managing the inventory at your site and ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded. Communication of every inventory listing is recorded through wireless technology and transmitted in real-time to a dedicated data entry professional at VSP (Pvt) Ltd headquarters.
Our inventory management system offers several benefits to our clients. It provides them with real-time visibility into their inventory levels and transactions, allowing them to make informed decisions about their inventory. It also helps them to reduce the risk of inventory shrinkage and theft, by providing them with accurate records of all inventory transactions.
One of the key benefits of our inventory management system is the user-friendly online portal that we provide to our clients. This portal allows them to access their inventory records in real-time, making it easy for them to manage their inventory from anywhere in the world.

K9/Canine Security

At Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd, we understand the importance of providing top-quality security services to our clients. That’s why we invest heavily in our canine security services, providing ongoing training and support to our guard dogs and handlers. This ensures that our clients receive the highest level of security possible, and that our dogs are well-cared for and ready to respond to any potential threats.
Our sniffing dogs are particularly effective in identifying potential security risks, including the presence of explosives, drugs, or other contraband. Our K9 service is an important tool for protecting public places like shopping malls, airports, open public gatherings, concerts or sporting events.
Our guard dogs are carefully selected for their intelligence, temperament, and training potential. We currently have German Shepherds and Labradors in our breed, which are two of the most popular breeds for security work. These dogs are highly intelligent and have a strong work ethic, making them well-suited for the demands of security work.

A trained dog ready to participate in security visit
A security guard checking the temperature of a visitor at security check point.

Infection prevention & Access control

Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd ensures your business continuity in case of any viral infection or virus outbreak.We provide great prevention service for amid COVID-19 which helps you to continue your business and operations in a safe environment.
To combat virus and infections we provide entry and exit checking points with symptom screening, hand sanitizing,thermal fever check and face mask distribution.
Our security guards ensure that in the vicinity of every employee,visitors should follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and maintain a proper social distance among each other.

Special Wireless Communication System Nationwide Coverage

Veteran Security & Protection Pvt Ltd provides its customers the new wireless communication system that has nationwide coverage, connected with cellular networks the wireless system connects you with us every minute every time.
With the help of our communication system you can manage your premises from anywhere.
It gives you the luxury to stay connected with your commercial sites, offices and other premises in flash.
You can stay updated with your inventory and internal stock
You can check the stock condition and other material whether it is related to commercial purpose or household.
The biggest benefit of this communication system is it can connect you with our headquarters which allow us to manage our security guards at your premises and take swift action in case of any unusual activity.
It allows you to keep an eye on your security guard deployed on your premises with its strong live backend portal.
With the help of just one click your assets get protected.
Key Benefits:
Reduce communication cost
Secure and reliable communication
Nationwide coverage
24/7 your premises are connected with headquarters
No infrastructure cost
Most efficient and cheapest communication system
Backend live portal

A Veteran Security & Protection (Pvt) Ltd, security guard holding a wireless set performing his duty outside a building.