We all hate criminals and crime. It is good to stand against all those acts which are opposite to human nature, but have you ever thought about why people become criminals? There is a huge question here. In the following piece, we’ll try to get to the bottom of what makes a good person a bad deed. Why once a person who is a respectable individual of the society becomes a criminal.

While an individual’s duty is to participate in his or her own actions, an understanding of root causes can never justify absolving someone else from accountability.

However, while individuals have a mandate to behave gently and respectfully towards their fellow citizens, communities have a duty to ensure that the state conditions are mitigated, which create tense conditions for healthy development and can become a breeding ground for crime. The reasons behind crime can be quickly found and studied.

Crime primarily arises from a combination of social, economic, cultural and family circumstances. To overcome crime’s root causes, it’s crucial that you understand them.

There are many factors involving to arise the sense of criminality in any individual, but here we summarises those factors into three major factors which are:

1. Economic/ socioeconomic factors

2. Circumstantial and habitual factors

3. Family or inhabitant factors

1. Economic/ socioeconomic factors

An individual’s worth is most readily evaluated by taking a look at all this factor has to offer; when your own body is sated, then you are most likely going to be able to do anything at all to fill it up. Economic uncertainty is inclined to result in large-scale complications for a lot of societies. It will be taken in this instance to be the mother of all pain.

Number of economic factors which can take a large portion to make anyone bad like poverty, poverty creates the sense of deprivation among individuals. It also creates a sense of having nothing, when you have nothing and getting anything by good way is hard then you try to snatch it from others..

Unemployment is another major factor, due to the unemployment crime rate increasing drastically. When people have nothing to do and have no job then they will least do something to provide bread and butter to their loved ones. When governments and authorities fail to provide people jobs and work then crime rate will increase, because unemployment and crime are directly correlated with each other if one thing increases the other will also and vice versa.

People will also tend to do bad things when you deprive them of all the opportunities to do good things. Like starting a new business is very hard for a low income person then the high income person. A person with limited resources and money can’t buy licenses and certificates whereas a powerful person can get them overnight. This sense of lack of opportunities can also make people criminals.

People will often take undesirable actions when you are not able to provide them with adequate opportunities for success. In order to start a business with low income, a person on a low salary is not able to do so, and a prosperous person may get them overnight. People with limited financial resources and money may not be able to purchase certificates and licenses as quickly as a powerful person. This sense of lack of opportunities can also make people criminals.

Successful nations are often led to prosper really strongly when their individuals have equal opportunities, they’re prosperous, and the wealth and resources circulated equally. The distribution of resources may also be one of the reasons for the increasing crime rate in communities. When a rich individual exploits the poor, they become even wealthier, and the poor become poorer. It is a major cause of crime.

A nation can show its development to its peers when its residents have equal opportunities for affluence and the resources of the country are distributed. Inequality in wealth can also be the cause of crime in a nation.

Lack of civil liberties is one of the leading reasons concerning the rise of criminality or crime rate. Resources ought to be provided in order to everyone. If you halt the core of humanity, then people will ultimately react and the crime rate will jump up.

2. Circumstantial and habitual factors

Individual factors that can influence increasing domestic crime include societal conditions and social behaviour. Violent behaviour and interactions in the society can cause a great deal of mental stress among the persons who make them more susceptible to mental trauma, which in turn can lead to greater criminal offences and unethical behaviour.

Injustice is the major cause of increasing the crime rate in the society so as misuse of powers by the elite class and the authorities. When justice does not prevail in society people will get angry and try to get justice on their own. It is the major root cause of crimes. Same goes with the misuse of powers, when a powerful person misuse its authority, inequality forms which end up as an increase in unjust and crime. The affect of the power will try to take revenge and end up as one more criminal mind in the society.

Illiteracy is yet another cause for a dramatic increase in crime, of course, since people who are ignorant are often predisposed to doing bad things. Education is a primary source of mental stimulation in a society that wants to improve. Education empowers individuals to pursue healthy pastimes, which, in turn, helps improve the community.

Leadership also plays a major role for the betterment of any society. If a country has good leaders they provide equal opportunities to their people, equal means of earning and equal rights and justice, which benefits the society as whole. They also increase awareness among the society to lead a good life, providing them with a good atmosphere to work under, which is very beneficial to reduce criminality. Lack of leadership is another factor to grow criminal minds.

Nowadays social platforms are becoming major aspects of individuals’ lives and people are used to spending more time watching things happening in their surroundings. Seeing injustice in the society and the fame of others, showing off the wealth and luxury lives of others can also cause a sense of deprivation in the personal mind. It is another major factor in an individual’s life which manipulates their minds and triggers competition in the society which may turn out as an increase in crime rate.

3. Family or inhabitant factors

Family structure also plays a good role for a better society. If a society’s norms favours the poor and helps the families in their hard times then we can escape the problem of crime but if it works opposite then it can be a factor of crime growth.

Mental growth is a very necessary thing, sometimes as teenagers face the problems of abuse in the schools, which is a major cause of unethical behaviour of any person. Mental abuse, bullying, body shaming are the problems which we all have to face at some point of time in our life. Individuals who are not strong mentally tend to fall under this trap and end up as criminals.

Over 50% of violent young offenders witnessed wife abuse in the home. Physically abused children are five times more likely to be violent adults. Sexually abused children are eight times more likely to be sexually violent as adults. It has been estimated that up to 80% of incarcerated males have experienced some form of physical or sexual abuse as a child.

Family structure and culture are important to establish favourable and healthy communities. The role of family dynamics influences the personal growth of an individual, and once that cycle is completed, it illuminates the entire society. If the parents of a child are criminals, to expect the young person to be a criminal in the future is not far from the truth. How parents live and behave influences children and teens a great deal, which is why it is vital to uplift minds actively and effectively so that they are prepared to do well as opposed to engaging in crime.

Strict parental controls greatly affect children’s health in the long term. Taking restrictive steps will provoke their obedience to harmful practices, such as turning to drugs. Not just is this behaviour contemptible, it can be a path to crime.

Since violence at home and among the parents can have a negative impact on your kids, the cycle of abuse is quite common. If you discover your mother was assaulted by someone who’s your father, you will then start to despise that person. It is merely the fact that it happens from time to time. Parental abuse is the cause of delinquency in children.

The behaviour of the full household with one person is an indication if you can exhibit caring and affection for that person. If the behaviour towards one family member is bad and rude, it indicates that the person will gradually leave family members and get hypersensitive to criminal activities.

It is noticed that individuals whose parents are separated or come to an end of their relationship have got more involvement in criminal activities. Individuals who don’t clearly understand where they’re from or who their biological parents are have a tendency to become more prone to involved in criminal activities. Lack of open communication between or among the children is another contributing factor.

Other aspects, like low parent respect and self-esteem, are also significant. If your family is mistreated or someone abuses your family members and others, you might end up in a foul temper and attempt to take revenge. Since one sibling may steal your own attention, perhaps another will become involved in criminal activity as a consequence.

Trust is a major thing if parents do not trust their children’s then it will be a possibility that the children start hiding things from them and end up as a criminal.


There are a number of causes listed in this article that can make a good person a criminal, an innocent mind as an example guilty mind. But if we find the problem really deep down, the solution is within us. If we do things in life that define us, take care of our nearest and dearest, take care of everyone we are responsible for then we do not face this social issue.

Similarly if there is rule of law and everyone falls under it then i believe there will be less crime in the society. The authorities function well and are obeyed, the officials resolve legal issues at every level of the government, and political leaders are limited in their authority. This will result in diminishing crime in any society.

It definitely addresses the several facets that we discuss in the passage and, therefore, evokes people who hold with continuance in crime and who have antisocial personalities, target audiences have smaller likelihood of committing crimes, and society will experience an improvement in its moral practices.

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