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You must have heard this million times that in the present time global change is rapid. I am not here to give you the same pitch but what I am going to share with you today is what you need to know and do to pace up with these rapid changes in the security industry of Pakistan. 

In the advanced world things have changed exceptionally quickly. Each new day brings something more exceptional and better than the past one. Present day advancements present current approaches to getting things done and obviously with development new dangers to the general public have happened. With the progression of time we get current and get innovatively progressed yet this headway has its own issues which we need to address. One of the significant issues which we are confronting these days is about our physical security.

Most likely in the current situation, dangers to the public properties and resources have definitely expanded, to battle the dangers we want actual security which we are getting in the form of security guards. These days security officers have turned into the fundamental piece of the general public as the public abundance increases and the wellbeing of the abundance is likewise becoming significant. There are various kinds of security officers accessible in the business, some are given by the security offices which come from an appropriate employing channel and some work all alone.

Types of security guards

Presently in excess of 800 private security organisations are enlisted in Pakistan giving security officer services to various elements. These security companies have an appropriate recruiting framework observed by the guidelines and regulations given by the Ministry of Interior Pakistan.

Ex-military Guards

In general security guards are discriminated against for their background; a more preferable guard is one who has a military background. A guard retired from the military has more potential to handle security matters as he had given a good training during his service in the military and also knew about the use and handling of arms.

Issues with the retired military guards are of their age as they are in their late 30s or initial 40s. The enthusiasm of a young and energetic guard is more than the guard with old age.

Benefits of Ex-military guard
  • Retired from military services 
  • Have military training during service
  • Extensive experience of security and related projects
  • Have knowledge of arms and weapons
  • Vigilant and more focused

Civilian guards

A guard coming from the civilian background must take training from the police administration division.In his training period he will figure out how to deal with various security circumstances, know about all the security matters, know about the usage and handling of arms and weapons.He gets full preparation of shooting various weapons. This training is that the guard can deal with any security circumstance for no less than 3 minutes as the security forces reaction time is 3 minutes.

Benefits of Civilian guards
  • Got trained from Police administration 
  • Young and enthusiastic
  • Have knowledge about arms and weapons
  • Can provide extra duty hours 

Armed & Unarmed Guards

As the name recommends, Armed guards are the people who use weapons in their obligation and have any familiarity with how to utilise weapons appropriately, they take a unique preparation to get all the data about weapons like rifles, firearms and glocks. Unarmed guards are basic guards; they don’t use weapons, rather utilise different contraptions like metal locators or filtering gadgets to fill the need of safety.

Other Types

Traffic controllers are utilised to remain in leaving regions and deal with the vehicle traffic of any building or house. Lady searchers are utilised to really take a look at the totes and different effects of females in open regions , lady searchers are additionally utilised for special occasions. Another security type is called bouncers, bouncers are utilised to provide security to enormous public social occasions and shopping centres. Bouncers neither utilise any weapon nor any contraption; they use muscles and their actual ability to control public regions. Bouncers are additionally utilised for exceptional occasions. An exceptional sort of safety use for people called close protection administrations or scouts these safety officers are utilised to safeguard people like superstars, negotiators, lawmakers and craftsmen, generally these personnel are resigned commandos SSG group. They are additionally called bodyguards.

Remuneration system

 As we characterise the various kinds of security officers the compensation additionally contrasts between and among officers. The compensation framework is completely founded on the nature of the security organisation as the security agency is respectable and has top calibre. Its guards are likewise paid well on the grounds that the nature of any security organisation is estimated from the administrations given by them. In the event that we classify the compensation on security types, the more the abilities a safety officer has the more the compensation he gets. Ex-military guards enjoy benefits on civilian guards in the manner equipped guard enjoy benefits on unarmed guard bouncers and lady searchers likewise have various rates relying on the circumstance and climate. Close protection bodyguards are paid more as they are resigned from special forces, mostly SSG groups.

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