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Facilities/Services We Offer 

We provide both comprehensive programs and focused interventions to serve the best interest of the client. We are prepared to provide our clients with essential support in the form of rapid response teams.
VSP operates through the following divisions, which is taken as a combined system and offers fully-integrated security:-

Consultancy and Risk Assessment

VSP (Pvt) Ltd’s Senior Executives constantly update their databases to be in a position to provide immediate risk assessments to our clients including political analysis, economic forecasting and security/criminal/terrorist situation reports.

Electronic Alarm Systems

All types of Electronic Alarm systems, from simple residential systems to more complex security systems for defence installations, banks, industrial units, refineries, etc including perimeter security, CCTV, access control and fire detection system can be recommended, installed and maintained by our Company.

Investigation and Collection

VSP (Pvt) Ltd also offers its corporate clients a discreet investigative service into such suspected crimes as fraud or industrial espionage.

Network Security & Analysis

VSP (Pvt) Ltd has been responsive with needs of globalization and next generation. In efforts to address the needs of our clients and expand our services portfolio, VSP (Pvt) Ltd can also secure your organization’s network from any external or internal breach or hacking threats. We at VSP (Pvt) Ltd has access to the top professionals in the industry who analyze the vulnerability of our client’s organizational network and identify loopholes, eventually securing the internal systems from any kind of breach or hacking. ‘Security is Everyone’s Concern, but it’s Our Business’

Manpower Security Guards

VSP (Pvt) Ltd’s armed and unarmed security officers are deployed at Embassies, Consulates, Factories and Industrial Sites. A particular speciality is the guarding of projects at remote or difficult locations. The Company also provides a specialized Special Services Group (SSG) personnel and temporary guards for special functions.  Our armed security officers undertake additional courses on weapon handling and must undertake range practice on a regular basis. VSP (Pvt) Ltd also provides trained manpower, technical and administrative staff to its client on demand.

All guards are Ex-Army personnel having completed minimum of 10 years defence service with exemplary character. They are combatant soldiers from fighting arms i.e., Infantry, Artillery and Armoured Corps. Our all security guards fall into medical category “A” and are physically robust to undertake arduous guarding duties.

VSP (Pvt) Ltd takes training of its security guards very seriously. Our security guards are usually well-trained from different institutions which include Islamabad Police Headquarters and other well-known names in the industry.

Sale of Security Equipment

VSP (Pvt) Ltd is in contact with the leading manufacturers & distributors for the supply and support of equipment varying from metal detectors to bulletproof jackets and from tactical suits to armoured patrol vehicles.

Logistic Support Services

VSP (Pvt) Ltd can also provide logistic support services for projects at remote or difficult locations.